Monday, January 12, 2004

Study Published by Army Criticizes War on Terror's Scope (

Would like to hear more discussion about this - Study Published by Army Criticizes War on Terror's Scope (

Taken with a grain of salt, this study can easily be dimissed as a reaction to a situation that is unpleasant to an older cadre of officers, people trained and mentally reared to fight the cold war, or at least a war with clear-cut goals and opponents wearing state-sponsored uniforms under nation-state flags. However -- that is our Army, for better or worse. If they are not feeling emotionally or technically up to the challenge, it must be considered most strongly.

Curiously, Saddam's army was probably much better prepared for the duty of occupation that the US one was. They could not fight a battle, but they sure knew how to drown a rebellion in blood. We should be happy our current armed forces are not trained or willing to do that. We also need to figure out how to maintain them at their peak efficiency and morale, because this is a fight for the long haul.


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