Thursday, January 29, 2004

I get quoted in Slate. Sort of.

A few days ago I sent an email to Jack Shafer who writes the "pressbox" column for slate, commenting on the article from last week's NYT Magazine feature. He asked if I would be willing to be quoted in his next column. By the time I replied he already wrote the 2nd column, so I got stuffed into the 3rd, with apparently "other readers" :
Other readers compared Landesman's treatment of the sex slaves to the hysteria over "white slavery"—i.e., female prostitution—that swept the United States and England in the late 1800s. Some contemporary observers could not accept that economic straits, social mores, and opportunity had led some women into the sex business. For them, the only explanation was abduction.

ah, the fleeting fame of an online journalist :))))

For the archive of Slate's pressbox coverage of the NYT Magazine article click here

ps. I do not doubt there were other readers who pointed out the fairly obvious parallel. I only put "other readers" in quotations marks to make the linkage to the quote from the article that followed.


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