Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Hard drive summons up memory power | CNET

Hard drive summons up memory power | CNET

This is the type of the semi-innovative product that I have been waiting for. In my case, it would actually serve a real purpose -- storing media files from both J's Mac and my dekstop, servers, and laptop. I am not sure if I would use the card-reader option overmuch, as I rename and rotate files before storing them on my hard drive. I guess I will just have to wait to see one of these working before I make my conclusions.

Firewire has really changed the equation on whether the drive should be internal or external, IMO. While SCSII had offerred effectively the same options for years, it was much harder to configure for multiple devices (if one were a novice) and between the extra cost of the drives and the SCSII cards never became overwhelmingly popular in the home market. With the speeds firewire offers it is almost irrelevant where your non-OS files are. Moreover, I think people are finally getting enough actual personal data on their machines to begin seeing that the value of 20,000 photographs and 10 hours of ballet recitals is more than the $399 (or even $1,999) they paid for the computer itself. Storing that data safely, being able to back it up, to share it between computers in the increasingly multi-computer households, and to restore it if necessary, is becoming a huge problem, and a great opportunity for various device makers to step up to the plate.


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