Friday, January 16, 2004

Future Now has a lot of interesting articles posted right now. They are always good, but today I have just been seeing one article after another that I like or think ti worth considering. Sadly, they do not always have links to the items they cover, and are rather brief in their news items, but still worth a look. Them them out.

for example -

Revitalizing Italy

One of the recurring ideas that I would really like to pursue is the revitalization of aging cities across Europe, creating a circuit of creative cities. Well, it seems that an enterprising Swede has decided that at least part of this idea is worth pursuing. In Lease of life for an Italian ghost village, Jennifer Grego writes in the Financial Times: Just over three years ago, a young Swedish investor, Daniele Elow Kihlgren, bought a group of buildings (3,500 sq metres' worth), roughly one-third of probably the most attractive fortified hill-town of the area, Santo Stefano di Sessanio. ...


Coffee houses, the early modern Internet

One of the most interesting parts of Neal Stephenson's breathtaking (or maybe simply exhausting: after 2000 pages, the line between exaltation and overexertion becomes a thin one) Quicksilver is how much of the action takes place in and around coffee houses. Coffee houses were important centers of news, gossip, and commerce: so much so, in fact, that a recent issue of The Economist has one of those essays that you subscribe to magazines in hope of reading: a piece compares the early modern coffee-house with the Internet: Where do you go when you want to know the latest business news,...


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