Monday, January 12, 2004

Copy No, No: Adobe and Uncle Sam

Adobe Systems 'fesses up to adding an anti-counterfeiting technology to its graphics software on the QT. The company insists the secretive tech, requested by government and bankers, won't affect honest consumers.

I have already heard reports of this, but am relieved [ed why?] to find out that this is not just US government who was involved in modifying software, but a consortium of 27 major banks.

The technology was designed recently by the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group, a consortium of 27 central banks in the United States, England, Japan, Canada and across the European Union, where a formal proposal to require all software companies to include similar anti-counterfeit technology already exists.

There is a big difference between being able to figure out if the image being opened is a $20 bill or child porn. However, I at least some of the workings for this software must be made public. After all, does it communicate with some server to update the images? what else does it do?


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