Wednesday, January 28, 2004

After this review of "Along Came Polly", I am off to rent the Heartbreak Kid

Admittedly, the movie description from Netflix:
While honeymooning with his new wife in Florida, Lenny Cantrow (Charles Grodin) begins to rue his nuptials. So when his irksome spouse gets stuck in their hotel room with a nasty sunburn and the footloose Lenny meets gorgeous blond coed Kelly (Cybill Shepherd), it's all the incentive he needs to ditch his brand-new bride. But Lenny isn't home free with Kelly - his hot pursuit of her quickly hits a brick wall of resistance: her loathing father.

does not quite live up to the description from the Slate article linked above:

The Heartbreak Kid. That film, too, opens with a joyous Jewish wedding, between Lenny (Charles Grodin) and Lila (Jeannie Berlin). They too head off for a sunny honeymoon, this one in Miami Beach. But it's Grodin, the groom, who has second thoughts—which only intensify when he spies the curvy silhouette of Kelly Corcoran (Cybill Shepherd).

This, of course, is the groom's true nightmare: not that his bride will fall for another person just days after the wedding, but that he will. Unlike Reuben, Lenny isn't granted a convenient pardon from his vows. Instead, he coldly ditches his wife to pursue this dream girl, which sends him tumbling into a series of cringe-inducing humiliations: He tails her to her chilly home state of Minnesota; he supplicates himself to her disapproving father (Eddie Albert). And when he finally wins her hand, he finds himself submerged in a stuffy WASP society just as stifling as the union and the wife he left behind.

The Heartbreak Kid ends as it begins: with a marriage. It leaves us with the image of Lenny in a tux at his second wedding, wistfully humming "Close to You," a song he often sang with his first bride. Like the heroes of the evil-fiancee films, Lenny fled commitment by telling himself he's chasing after love. This delusion makes a fool of him.

I will let you know how the movie turns out to be. Of course, it is #25 in my netflix queue at the moment, so it might take a while.


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