Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Move over Global Warming

from Techdirt

Remember back in 1999 when people started talking about "internet time", which was this crazy notion that, thanks to the internet, the usual course of business went much much much faster? Well, it sounds like the Earth tried to get in on some of that, as it's now been revealed that since 1999, our home planet has been making it's annual trek around the sun one second faster than it was for quite some time. Between 1972 and 1999, we had to add a special "leap second" each year, since the Earth was slowing down, and losing a step. However, since 1999, for reasons no one is quite sure, the Earth appears to have caught a second wind and is speeding up a bit.

I can see how this phenomenon, were it to continue unabated, could wreak havoc with our lives and the regular actions of nature. I wonder what can be done to combat it short of enlisting superman. I am also wondering how long ebfore this gets linked, in reality or just media, with global warming...


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