Thursday, December 18, 2003

Bizarre - Saddam, the great dictator of fairy tales

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Saddam Hussein spent the final weeks before the war writing a novel predicting that he would lead an underground resistance movement to victory over the Americans, rather than planning the defense of his regime.

As the war began and Saddam went into hiding 40,000 copies of Be Gone Demons! were rolling off the presses.

I cannot imagine that the writing is as bad as presented in the article. With whatever little compassion I can muster - it has got to be a bad translator.

Salim freed his long hair. He was so strong. He was fighting the Romans like a hawk. He was riding a white horse and shouting: "Allah akbar! Let the debased be debased, and let Ezekiel Hescel and the Roman dogs be debased! Long live the Arabs and long live Islam!

"Damn the pagans!"

Salim was carrying a sword and his colleagues were giving him another sword when the first was broken. The Romans ran away as Salim got close to them.

...The arch-villain of the piece is Ezekiel, an immortal Jew whose presence runs throughout time. A fat, evil old man, Saddam probably had Ariel Sharon in mind.

At least he did not lose his fondness for anti-semitic diatribes...


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