Monday, November 24, 2003

Op-Ed Columnist: Missing Links Found

William Safire on Atta-Iraq connection

It's a fairly brave piece, taking on the prevailing journalistic winds and the FBI. Of course, this column was a lot easier to do now that the Weekly Standard has blown the case open once again. Frankly, this again shows that whoever thinks the US government acted rashly does not understand the reasons we have a National Security policy, and why Americans elect their leaders. Whether Atta did get money from Iraq is not truly important. The fact that there was a strong possibility that he did, and the fact that lots of people had a lot of other facts, thoughts, and connections between Al-Queda and Iraq is the important factor here.

Critics of George Bush forget the pillorying they themselves administered post 9-11. What did he know? When did he know it? Yet, they would prefer he did not act on new intellegences in the post 9-11 world and be pillorred again? Our executive branch has to act on the best intelligence they can, and 9-11 has definitely lowered the threshold of what is actionable and what is not.

Given the preponderance of evidence that Saddam had and was working on building more and better chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, his connections with various terrorist organizations, and his willingness to kill any number of civilians to hurt the United States and its allies, how could our Government not act?

Complete text of the op-ed - Missing Links Found


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