Monday, November 24, 2003

from "The Ornery American"

As always I get to an article much later than I would wish. And is very often the case, Orson Scott Card wrties a powerful essay that should be read, considered, and meditated on. By all sides. A short excerpt

Our current war against terrorism is not the first time that western civilization has faced a widespread terrorist threat.

A century ago, there were bombings and assassinations all over Europe and America. Followers of a radical, utopian ideology (and the wackos who used that ideology as an excuse for murder) murdered a Tsar of Russia, a President of the United States, a President of France, a Premier of Spain, an Empress of Austria, a King of Italy, and various lesser officials.

They also, occasionally, attacked random innocent civilians. The man who killed one person and injured twenty others with a bomb he placed in the Café Terminus in Paris said he chose that site because there came "all those who are satisfied with the established order, all the accomplices and employees of Property and the State

He concludes, in no uncertain terms that were we to falter,

And if we abandon this war, then a day will almost certainly come when all of us will look back with deep regret to the time when we might have rid the world of the scourge of extremist Muslim terrorism (meanwhile liberating more than a few Muslim nations from tyranny) at the astonishingly slight cost in blood and horror, compared to most wars, that we have paid so far in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But we're Americans. We neither study history nor learn from it.

heh. "But we're Americans. We neither study history nor learn from it." ... More properly it should be said that there always enough disagreement over what the lesson of history is that no action on that lesson can ever be taken.

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