Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Processor Computes at Speed of Light

This would be neat, but sounds a bit overhyped - Processor Computes at Speed of Light

An optical processor is a digital signal processor (DSP) with an optical accelerator attached to it that enables it to perform functions at very high speeds.

"It is an acceleration of 20 years in the development of digital hardware," Lenslet founder and Chief Executive Officer Aviram Sariel told Reuters.

The processor performs 8 trillion operations per second, equivalent to a super-computer and 1,000 times faster than standard processors, with 256 lasers performing computations at light speed.

It is geared toward such applications as high resolution radar, electronic warfare, luggage screening at airports, video compression, weather forecasting and cellular base stations.

Of course, next thing you know Malaisian Prime Minister will accuse the Jews of inventing super-abundant computing power to better count monies stolen from other people...


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