Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Lessig writes about great lawyers

It would have been easy to talk about any number of criminal cases, but that would not be Lessig. Instead he goes for the more interesting, and less well-known case
So imagine this: An employee works for a software company. He discovers a problem with the software, tries to warn the company, but it does nothing. He quits, and then sends email to all the customers of the company, informing them of the security problem with the software. (...)

The employee is found guilty. He is sentenced and serves (yes, he actually serves) 16 months in a federal prison.


In America, you ask? Well, in fact, yes — justice in the Central District of California. But it gets better. (...)

Indeed, America: Where defendants sometimes get great lawyers, and where governments let justice admit it is wrong.

I am proud, and moved, by both.

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