Tuesday, October 21, 2003

After a Deadly Attack, Arab Rage and Israeli Videotape

After a Deadly Attack, Arab Rage and Israeli Videotape

NYTimes has a rare article questioning the heretofore assumed truth of statements by Palestenians, Iraqis, and others regarding their losses and wounds after Israeli and US military actions. A while ago I mentioned the still-simmerring controversy over the death of Mohammad Dura. There are certainly more. Since the Iraq war there have been numerous reports that the funerals for kids "killed by sanctions" were fake -- Saddam's regime collected bodies of infants and children just to display them in a procession.

This is not easy to take. What kind of people would lie about being wounded? Killed? If a person is wrongly reported killed, would it be ever possible to find out? Would Israeli's doctor a tape? From the Arab and Palestinian perspective they obviously would, but somehow I do not think so. Not only would that mean court-martial for everyone involved, but a scandal that could not be lived down.

Still, I am glad NYT reports it this way, and I hope other papers pick it up too. This conflict is always presented as a tennis match -- one serves and the other receives. Repeat ad nauseum. The article reminds the reader that the two sides to interact in the process of killing each other, and that the fog of war effects both parties.


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