Tuesday, September 16, 2003

X marks the spot. er.. spots...

RDK wishes to obtain the following item: eBay item - IBM PS/2 Keyboard -- All X keys

Every character key, almost all the keys on the numpad, the cursors, all of the function keys, and all of the numeric have been replaced. Only the tab, caps-lock, left and right shift, ctrl and alt, windows, return, and backspace keys remain. These keys remain only because they aren't the same size as the 'X' key. All in all, there are 86 keys replaced.


It should be noted that the keys on this come from many used keyboards, and as such some are a bit dirty. There are two keys that occasionally stick (where the '4' and '+' normally would be). The keyboard is in good and working condition, but is being sold as-is, with no expressed or implied warranty. You can, by all means, still use this keyboard to type. Only they keys have been replaced.

You could be the hit of a LAN party!

I'm hoping there is someone out there in Internet land that finds this as amusing as I do. It's a friggin' keyboard with lots of 'X' keys! What's not to love? Hell, I might just keep it for myself. Ah, man, this keyboard makes me laugh just looking at it. But by all means -- don't just look, bid! You could very well own it.



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