Wednesday, September 03, 2003

This is quite fascinating - entry on Israel from the 1950's Soviet Encyclopedia via Dean's World

...Availing themselves of the weakness of the anti-imperialist movements in Palestine and having received support from American and English imperialists, power in Israel was seized by Jewish bourgeois nationalists-zionists. Anglo-American imperialists, using their agents among reactionary Jewish bourgeoisie and Arab feudal lords [Ed- literal translation], provoked armed conflict among Israel, on the one side and Iraq. Transjordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen on the other (May 1948 – July 1949). The Palestine War, ending with the defeat of the armies of the Arab states and the concluding in an armistice, was used by the American and English imperialists to fight the national liberation movements of the Arab people and Jewish workers of Palestine...

You would think that it would be difficult for an economy that

... retains a colonial character and remains dependent on international capital. Growth of citrus (oranges, grapefruit, etc.), grains. Widespread small and semi-domestic enterprises of light and agricultural industry.

to fight a war that pits

Israel, on the one side and Iraq, Transjordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen on the other

but you would be wrong. Nothing like

a dictatorship of a small group of large Jewish capitalists – proteges of England and the USA.

to encourage Jews to stream towarsd the holy hills of Birobijan


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