Friday, September 05, 2003

A new shaker-upper in the digital SLR market - Canon 300D

original notice by DesignTechnica

This is pretty big. Canon has been incredibly aggressive in pushing the price barrier down over the last couple of years, most recently with a jaw-dropping $1500 10D SLR. The 300D is basically the low-end Canon Rebel body, popularized by Angre Agassi-starring commericals, with the same awesome 6.3MP sensor the 10D has. The price is set to be an incredible $899 without a lense and $999 with a new ES-S lense for
18-55mm zoom. This will put incredible pressure on Nikon, Sony, and Olympus that all have similarly priced non-interchangeable and non-SLR cameras. Technically, the Olympus E20 is an SLR, but it still does not have an interchangeable lense. The most interesting competitor is the new Sony F828. It boasts a great Zeiss lense with a great zoom and an 8megapixel sensor. All of these cameras suffer from the same list of maladies -- slow shutter response, slow focus, lack of interchangeable lenses (obviously, all of them have fixed lenses).

The Canon 300D is really going to shake up the place, putting new level of power and versatility into the hands of prosumer digital photographers.

update (09.07.2003): this is a more in depth review of the camera by DPReview


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