Thursday, September 04, 2003

Network Solutions to sell domain-backed options.

Just as the furor over black-box hedge-funds is rising, and various figures are calling derivatives a danger to the world economy, Network Solutions is getting into the game.

Introducing NEXT REGISTRATION RIGHTS from Network Solutions(R), the first service that automatically grants you the next registration of the domain name you want if it becomes available during your subscription period.

Next Registration Rights is a superior way to backorder a .com or .net domain name. If that domain name is not renewed and becomes available during your Next Registration Rights subscription period, the domain name will be automatically registered to you.

So, for $39 I can buy a year-long option for a domain name and its registration by Network Solutions. If the domain does not become available during that year the money is gone. Good call for Network Solutions, but it is not clear whether they will knowingly let people buy thee options for domains not set to expire until after the year option covers is up. Interestingly, there is also this notice:

ORDER NOW - Only one pre-order will be accepted for each domain name

Well, one would hope that to be true, otherwise how could they possibly guarantee the option.

ps. How can they actually gurantee this? Can other domain registrars offer a similar service?


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