Monday, September 22, 2003

Me mobile - Desktop to go where Migo goes.

A flash memory USB device that will synch. Some of your folders and settings and thus allow you to get access to your files and settings while you use other computers. I have wanted a gadget like this for a while. Well, I wanted something a quite a bit more than this, but this is a start.
The website for the creator of Migo, Forward Solutions , does not explain how exactly one would bypass Windows security and log in to Migo, but still get access to Outlook and all other conveniences of the host Windows machine. The synchronization of various data files and outlook folders also seems a bit weird -- how is this different from the windows-provided synchronization feature? The gadget seems to be a small step up from people just carrying this kind of USB keys and using them like floppies -- to transfer data. The difference seems to be a bit of software and a smarter marketing approach.
For the next step I am looking for some device similar to the ones currently used by digital photographers like a NexVue Digital Album or an iPaq with a 1GB flash card attached. Something that would have enough intelligence to "rent" the monitor and CPU of a host machine, when possible, or run the monitor and keyboard by itself, if necessary. What that would require is a complete different security setup for windows, pervasive connectivity, and application rental on demand.
I have been meaning to describe such a device for a while now. Perhaps if I wait just a bit more some marketing person at a fledging start-up would do a better job looking at a prototype.


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