Thursday, September 25, 2003

Intersting Slate article - Inside the Islamic Mafia - Bernard-Henri Lévy exposes Daniel Pearl's killers.

One thing I am not sure about is the following quote:

...His book was finished before it became clear that the "resistance" in Iraq was also being financed by an extensive mafia, which offers different bonuses for different kamikaze tactics, as it was already doing in Palestine and Kashmir.

Perhaps this is something Hitchens can prove, but certainly not something that has been given wide play. In fact, as time goe s on we receive (which does not mean it is true) more and more reports on how it is rank and file Iraqis that are joining the struggle. Certainly, this would be a good time to show how 90% or more of all Iraqi incidents are financed by those on the outside.

This, however, does ring a bell:

Everything we know about al-Qaida's operations, as of those of Saddam Hussein, suggests that they combine the culture of a crime family or cartel with the worst habits of a bent multinational corporation. Yet the purist critics of "globalization" tend to assume that the spiritual or nationalistic claims of such forces still deserve to be taken at their own valuation, lest Western "insensitivity" be allowed to triumph.

Indeed. If we do not believe our own leaders when they say that a huge tax cut is going to create jobs, why should we believe completely unelected leaders when they say that really, killing all Jews has been a tradition for centuries and thus we should help them, if we respect their culture and religion.


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