Friday, September 05, 2003

Hehe. FsckTV is not coming to an iPod near you

On this show, contestants had sixty seconds to perform on stage and impress a panel of judges selected from Slashdot freaks with low-numbered accounts and high-level karma. One contestant recited the first two hundred digits of PI while juggling Ethernet cards. The winner performed a stand-up comedy routine that started with the line, "A rabbi, a lawyer, and a SCO executive are sitting in a bar and..."


"Who Wants To Hit Somebody Over The Head With A Clue Stick?", a show in which engineers and Pointy Haired Bosses are locked in an office building and must co-exist together for five months without going insane, also didn't fare very well. Focus group sessions revealed that the show was far too realistic and made most viewers uncomfortable.

Karma indeed.


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