Thursday, August 28, 2003

Good - Bait and Switch of US in A

The war still has a lot of public support. And the situation is far from irretrievable. War-hawks want to portray the situation as something akin to the late stages of Vietnam, with a defeatist press and establishment, a war-weary public, and a few brave souls who've read their Churchill and remember the lessons of Munich wanting to stick it out.

But that's not where we are. What you've got is a lot of people who are unhappy about the administration's dishonesty, an equal number who don't think the current plan is working, and a pretty broad consensus that we need to make some course corrections if we're going to be successful.

So let's make those course corrections and give ourselves a shot at an outcome which is good for us and the Iraqis.

One thing we shouldn't do is give those liars a chance to question people's moral fiber for not signing on to their latest fairy-tale, the never-ending-story about why we did all this in the first place. Let's write those folks out of the conversation entirely.

Indeed. Course corrections are necessary. But why is not even one Presidential candidate suggesting what those corrections might be. I would think it is a better way to show that you support the country and its armed forces but are opposed to the sitting Administration. Instead, we get G.W.B. and a bunch of people who cannot decide whether they always opposed the war, oppose it only after they themselves voted for it, or oppose it on even days that are partly cloudy with a 15% chance or rain and support it on odd days with sunshine, leaving the rest of the calendar open for daydreaming.


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