Monday, August 11, 2003 sinking to a new low, or raising their marketing to a new high.

Visiting amazon to check out a book for a friend I got to see a new message from staff,

You Know You Want It.

The Shield of Achilles beckons from your Wish List.

Of course I do. I would not have it on my wish list otherwise. But obviously I cannot just buy it -- I would have done so if it were possible. Argh. Reminding me of my limited resources in acquiring books is not the way to get on my good side. And yet, it has got to work as an impulsive buy for a large number of people. Were I a bit weaker it would have worked on me too [I do sleep on a bed of nails]. My guess is the next step is to pop the same message for friend's wish lists:

You Know They Want It.

The Shield of Achilles beckons. Be a real friend and get them what they want from their Wish List. is consistently one of the most innnovative retailors out there. They are good at pushing the envelope and at figuring out new ways of selling you stuff you want, need, or convincing you that the former is indeed equal to the latter. Sometimes I just wish they were not so good at it.


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