Wednesday, July 02, 2003

We begin round X - Techdirt:Chili Peppers And Metallica Resist A La Carte Downloading From the source article at ChartAttack we read that
Essentially, the Kid Rocks and Linkin Parks of the industry are upset with the idea of their albums being torn apart and sold in pieces. According to these bands, the problem is not financial, but rather artistic in nature: the albums were created as cohesive wholes and the bands want them to be sold as such, rather than as random singles.

Puleez. They do not require that radio stations play them as albums, nor DJs. And they have no problem when music companies release them as singles. So what is the issue here? I will submit that albums that actually do make sense as an artistic whole, like Pink Floyd's the Wall, get downloaded as a whole. They also get bought in nice beautiful gift sets - because it's worth it. Noone is getting a deluxe set of Kid Rock's CD because it is not worth it. What the musicians are really saying is this,

For years we put out crappy albums because music companies showed us that we could make more money by splitting ten good songs over 5 albums rather than just one great album. We became greedy, we became indebted to our managers and personal trainers, afraid of our bodyguards and ex-wives, and forgot who our customers are. Now, we cannot really maintain the lifestyles we are used to unless you pay for 10 crappy songs to listen to just one decent one. So stop complaining about yourselves - that you only want to listen to the music you want. Think about others. Think about us, for g-d's sake.


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