Friday, July 18, 2003

Talk about misleading headlines - Windows Web sites outgrow Linux
One could not be faulted for thinking that perhaps there are now more Windows-based websites than Linux-based ones. Even a sceptical observer could think that perhaps the growth in new Windows sites is faster than the growth in Linux-powered ones. But they would both be wrong. In fact it is not clear at all how "Windows Web sites outgrow Linux" from the article.
Microsoft has seen a 300 percent increase in the last three months of the number of Web sites hosted on its recently launched Windows Server 2003 software-

The number of active Web sites hosted on Server 2003 tripled to 88,400 in the three months since launch, according to Netcraft, which monitors server usage. A significant portion of this growth has been at the expense of the Linux operating system, with 5 percent, or 8,000 sites, having migrated from Linux.

"Microsoft will take some considerable encouragement at the number of sites that have switched from Linux," Netcraft said in its report.

But the 88,400 versions of Windows Server 2003 account for only a very small fraction of the total market. There are 4.7 million active sites that use Microsoft's Web server, Netcraft said. Apache, which most often runs on Linux or various versions of Unix, is used at 13.2 million active Web sites.

So how exactly is Linux losing ground here? 8,000 sites may represent 5% of Windows 2003 deployments, but they represent 0.06% of Linux deployments. Moreoever, one could also wonder how 8,000 sites are possible 5% of 88,000. My calculus is rusty, but no matter how I try it comes out to 9%, unless of course the correct number is 5% and it was only 4,500 sites that migrated for a total of 0.03% of linux-based deployments.
I was surprised to see the headline, but even more surprised to find no defensible substance under the masthead.


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