Friday, July 11, 2003

Say No to Gooseberry Bushes or Cabbage Patches -- Five-year-olds 'should have sex classes' experts say.
"If children acquire a brother or a sister, then they are going to ask questions - and the gooseberry bush won't wash. "So you would tell them 'Mummy and Daddy love each other and wanted to have a baby'."

That seems like a strange course of action. For one, should not parents be the ones to tell them that? What about kids whose mother or father are having a child not with 'Mommy and Daddy' (which would be what, 50%? more?)? For another, I was under the impression that the higher academic achievement of a student was, the less likely they were to become involved in a teenage pregnancy. So would not spending time on Math, Literature, or Science classes be more effective than wishy-washy sex ed for five (5) year-olds? I do not buy the option of beign able to withdraw kids from a class like this. If all of your classmates are in such a class, the information will filter to you as well, except it is going to be screwed up in re-telling. Perhaps that is what the "experts" at the Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy are counting on.

I guess the government cannot count on parents to do the "right" thing

The whole idea reminds me of the scene in the "Brave New World" where small kids are paraded around the hospital in order to teach them that dying is natural, painless, and grief in the face of death is outmoded.


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