Friday, July 04, 2003

I accidentally became party to a discussion on the future of the rainforests. Much is unclear -- how fast are they been destroyed, what are the best ways to protect them, what does it even mean to protect them? However, and this I say with complete surety despite minimal understanding of the problem it is quite untrue that "Even eating one hamburger destroys much rainforest." I am all for educating children about the environment, the need to preserve it and use it in smart and sustainable ways, but this is a level of brainwashing Manchurian Candidates were not subject to. The logic goes as follows,
1. It takes a lot of space to grow grass for a cow. A rancher must destroy a piece of the rainforest to grow grass.
2.Imagine a space the size of your bedroom. That same amount of space is needed to make beef for just ONE hamburger.
3. Think of how many hamburgers you eat. Do you eat a lot of hamburgers?

I guess if a rancher absolutely *must* destroy a piece of the rainforest they might grows cows for beefburgers. Hamburgers comes from pigs (who become pork when killed). Semantics nonwithstanding, my kids will be proud to know some day that their burgers do not come from cows eating meager grass where verdant rainforests once stood. It comes mostly from cows that eat corn and anti-biotics in tiny little pens with many other cows. No grass is consumed by them, alas. [lately we have begun buying small quantities grass-fed organic beef, but it comes from Missouri, not Brazil or Indonesia]


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