Thursday, July 24, 2003

Apologies to my readers, syndicators, and zealots.
First off, I do not think I have any of the latter and very few of the former. Nonwithstanding, I am sorry for not writing the snazzy and intellectually challenging stories you tune in to read each day. I do not think I ever produced many of those, and with the dearth of postings over the last week or so I definitely have not. My excuse, as it were, is that I have been trying to figure out where I want to go with this blogging thing, and how much time and effort I am able to devote to it.

Obviously, blogger is quite sufficient for merely writing and posting, which is really what a pure text-based content provider - in this case myself - should care about. It is not overly reliable, but considering the small numbers of readers it is definitely worth the expense of exactly zero. My time; however cheap, is still worth something and so if a small investment would make it better spent I would be willing to bear the cost. Additionally, blogging and self-produced content in general is something I have had an interest in for while from a technical perspective. Moving to some platform other than blogger would allow me to investigate technical possibilities and perhaps participate in the enhancement of available self-publishing platforms, such as MovableType. So I have been spending some time working on setting up a site of my own running on MovableType, making various changes to existing setup, both design and structural, and writing some new plugins that I felt my site needed. Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to transfer entrees and archives from blogger to this new web location and welcome you there. In the meantime I will try to continue posting short one-liners about things I think interesting and some more longer posts about things I think are interesting and, megalomaniacally, have jotted down some notes on.


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