Wednesday, July 02, 2003

The adventures of a photographer credit-card carrier in the big city

I should not be let out of the house, really.

Went into the city to photograph and get a haircut from my favourite hairdresser. She is awesome. The place is nice itself -- quiet little shop in West Village, loyal clientelle (myself excluded). Feel free to check it out -- The Hair Place on Perry. I had to give a car to the mechanic, so the day was shot anyway. Might as well troll around Manhattan and photograph.

As I said, I should not be allowed to do this. At first I behaved myself. I walked over to the new park that after at least 12 years of construction seems fully completed on the West Side, along the West Side Highway. That was nice. There is a very nice playground that seems reserved for kids and their parents. I mean that. A couple of guards stand by the playground and do not let you in unless you are with child or are planning to see a child who is already there. A bit freaky, even though I understand the concern. I snapped a few shots, realized that I suck, that I really really need the Canon 10D to feel whole again and slinked off to buy a present for my sister-in-law. For obvious conspiracy purposes I am not going to say what it is here, but you can email me personally if you wish. In the course of the next few hours I stopped by six [count'em] different stores and one lunch counter and purchased something in all but one of them. Here is a list to expose my shame:
  • Big Fun Toys, located virtually here and physically here got my vote. A set of Wonder Pals to extend our existing collection of noise-making socks. Really cool. A should love them.
  • Some special printer paper from Adorama. The store is more intimate than B&H, plus its on the same street as Books of Wonder.
  • A quick stop at the aforementioned Books of Wonder to see if they got volume II of the Les Enfants du Capitaine Grant. I got volume one in that edition as a present to J not realizing, of course, that volume two might be hard to find here. I resisted temptation to buy anything by staying only as long as my errand required.
  • The same street hosts Academy Records. It is another favourite of mine and I left the store with a 2-disc CD set of Tchaikovsky's Iolanta, and a set of CDs by Sarah McLachlan.
  • A present in Bed, Bath, and Beyond and some present-making meterials in a neighboring Filene's Basement

All together my damage was somewhere under $200, but the walk through the city on a hot summer day after a long break -- priceless. Morever, I did get a haircut, have a car with a fully functioning air-conditioner, and fifty or so photographs so I might get one or two decent ones. Priceless.
ps. Is not it amazing that every one of these stores has a website?


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