Monday, June 02, 2003

via Slate -- Material girl turns spiritual as she puts cash into mystic centre
So Madonna is buying a building to host a Kaballah center in it. Now, at first glance the list of supposed devotees does not inspire confidence in their collective wisdom. In fact, the well-known prohibition for not studying Kaballah until one (and one being definitely a man) seems to have been created just to prove this point. However, I have realized that I was wrong to chuckle about Naomi Cambell being an adherent. Two theories sprung to my torpid and nonrejuvenated mind:
1. Well, all of the people listed in the arcticle are rich and good-looking. Perhaps they do possess the wisdoms described in Zohar and that is the secret of their success! Come to think of it, everyone I have met who has boasted of knowing the secret of Kabbalah seemed to do pretty well, while all those silly scholarly types who kept reading and rereading the texts never did get anywhere...
2. Celebrities just cannot take a chance when a quote like this is thrown around
The centre's philosophy argues that we are all potentially rejuvenated every seven years and we only go on to age if we fail to recognise this fact.
It is a sort of Pascal's wager for them. Too good to be true but for only a few thousand (or million dollars) how can you *not* take a chance of it being true.
I can just see a reality TV show -- "Celebrity Boxing -- Kabbalists vs. Scientologists"


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