Friday, June 13, 2003

via InstaPundit --Bobos in Tennessee.
Well, what can one say -- it would be great if all software developers could kayak. I would even be willing to learn to kayak if it would help to keep a job or get a better one. Who would not?
On a more serious note. Why is there never an engineer? The only people who build anything in the author's world are contractors and mexican laborers. Does not sound like they live in the same neighborhood though. Which means their kids do not go to the two best elementary schools in the country. And so on -- criticisms abound. My guess is that's why there are 2 "hairshirt" references in the closing two paragraphs.
ps. as nearly as I could determine Volvo 240 has not been produced since 1993. Buying a 10-year old used car for a teenager seems perfectly normal. Perhaps I am missing something.


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