Wednesday, June 18, 2003

This is the proper way of spelling out reality -- Israel Hunts for Killers of 7-Year-Old Jewish Girl
Hunt. Killers. Down. It would be too much, of course, to expect much sympathy from Western European press. A quick look at Le Figaro (great website, btw) shows four (web) front-page stories about Israeli-Palestenian conflict. Three of them talk about the cease-fire talks, interviews with sides involved, Colin Powell's visit. One talks about economic hardships Palestinians endure because they can no longer work in Israel. I wonder why they can no longer work in Israel?
I am still looking the article about a young girl murdered while riding with her parents in Le Figaro (nor can I find one in Le Monde). Perhaps if she was throwing rocks or molotov cocktails at PA police they would understand her situation and not shoot at her.


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