Wednesday, June 18, 2003

This from NYT - Old Enough to Make a Lanyard, and to Do It Nude
"It makes me a bit freaked out that people would think of nudity as a sexual thing," said Michelle Jones, 15, a camper from Texas.

I cannot imagine why people would think of nudity as a "sexual thing." Perhaps I should solicit comments.
I am not qualified, or i nterested, in passing judegements on nudism, or nudist camps for children, but I do have a suggestion to the author of this quote:

"At school, if you see a person, you just see their clothes," Jane said. "Here you have to actually get to know the people."

Look at their eyes. Really. Some even claim they are a window to the soul. I do not know what the second sentence means, but if Jane only looks at clothes she has got a long way to go in her quest to "know the people."


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