Friday, June 20, 2003

Stranger things have happened in the Apple universe, but the new effort to tie their products to digital photogfraphy are living me with a mixed reaction.
The Canon 10D is a revolutionary digital camera. By setting the official price of $1,499 on its next-generation semi-pro digital camera Canon really raised the stakes in the lucractive arean. 10D is a great camera. But this entry is not about 10D... Following a new article from yahoo that said that Apple posted G5 specs on its website, I decided to check out the Apple site. Lo and behold, I see this entry for a Canon 10D. Going to the link I find a not-so-subtle plug for an apple laptop -- fair enough. Although reading the copy left me underwhelmed I still thought it was not a bad idea. The 10D is selling like hotcakes, and given the size of the files it produces, and spread of wi-fi in hotels across the country (and the world) a match between the output of the camera and processing on a laptop seems great. I was; however, hoping to see something special that Apple has to make the use of camera better. Some workflow for quickly processing large batches of digital photographs? a wireless gizmo to send pictures from the camera to the latop without a wire? Nope. Nothing. The copy reads,

Connects to EOS 10D via USB
Downloads images in a flash
Comes with iPhoto
Works great with Photoshop

Hmmm... sans iPhoto (which I am not a big fan of) that is not much to make me wish *I* had paid a preimum for that special apple laptop. Really, is this an example of "Think Different"? I still think the pairing makes sense, but as it stands it looks like Apple wants to make the profit by becoming a camera reseller, rather than a computer manufacturer. Of course, I could not help but look at the accessories prices. The first one, for a 50mm f/1.4 lense stopped me cold -- it just seemed wrong. Indeed, B&H sells the same lense for $299, and the next one -- 28-200mm is $359 ($120 cheaper in B&H). I understand the reasons Apple charges premium for its products, but I really cannot see why it should be able to charge premium for someone else's products, especially when they are as easily obtained from B&H, Adorama, or Ritz as they are from Apple. Could not they just do a deal with one of these stores? Either someone did not do their homework or else Apple has really no respect for the consumer.
Apple has always been about great marketing, if not always great prices. This new promotion leaves me thinking they misfired this time.


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