Wednesday, June 04, 2003

More Atlantic Monthly -- The Atlantic | June 2003 | Who Shot Mohammed al-Dura? | Fallows
The scariest quote for me is this:
The significance of this case from the American perspective involves the increasingly chaotic ecology of truth around the world. In Arab and Islamic societies the widespread belief that Israeli soldiers shot this boy has political consequences. So does the belief among some Israelis and Zionists in Israel and abroad that Palestinians will go to any lengths to smear them.

How so? It is because by being exposed to these conviction on the pro-Israeli side I must readily, and unequivocally, assume that it exists in Plaestinian camp. It is the law of physics, right [action/reaction]? I believe the author underrepresents the group as "Israelis and Zionists" -- many of these people are not Zionists, and certainly not Israeli in any normally accepted sense. They do not live in Israel, many have never been there, nor care to go. Many of them are not even Jewish. It is sufficient that they know someone who holds this position and will, lathering at the mouth, claim that Palestenians are not "normal" people in precisely the same manner Palestenians, Saudis, etc prove that Jews are not. Topic to be continued.


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