Thursday, June 12, 2003

A leading African musician purpotedly getting visas for hundreds of his countrymen as members of his band from The Volokh Conspiracy

On another note, the French government released Papa Wemba on bail two days ago, on charges of "human trafficking." Papa Wemba is arguably the leading musician in central Africa (his country used to be called Zaire, I won't confuse you by citing the Congos). He has cut literally hundreds of records, many of which are excellent, no one can keep track of them. The claim is that Wemba got French entry visas for hundreds of his fellow citizens by claiming they were members of his band. The entrants then disappeared and never showed up on stage to shake a tambourine. And he is charged with having done the same in Belgium.

As long as he is not moving them around in trucks with no windows or ship's containers... Reminds me of this story, which is, IMO, more bizarre in that a whole new national team was fabricated: Moldovans snorkel to new life


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