Wednesday, June 11, 2003

J.P.Morgan says - Harry Potter Not Magic Enough for U.S. Bookstores
Roughly 32 respondents, or 91 percent of those surveyed, said they had previously purchased earlier Harry Potter books, but 16 percent of them also said they do not plan to buy the upcoming release, according to the J.P. Morgan report.

Alrighty then. I am not a statistian, but that just seems like an awefully small sample for a book expected to sell in millions (it already has over a million copies pre-ordered). Frankly, the article is so murky, it is not even clear why they brought it in this survey. Of the 32 respondents, how many were parents and how many children? I am surprised that 91% -- that 28 out of 32 -- had other copies, especilly considering that when the previous installment came out their children had to have been 3 years younger.
I can see how a delay of 3 years could play havoc with this book's sales. After all, whoever bought the previous book as it came out is now 3 years older, an eternity for children. More could be said on the subject, but drawing conclusions based on a survey of 32 people seems like a stretch even for a non-statistician.


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