Thursday, June 19, 2003

I saw this today --VentureBlog: The New Platforms from VentureBlog, and these guys seem to know what they are talking about. This matches rather well with my experiences and current understanding. Which is why I was surprised to see an ad today solicition employment application for a "new Web Application Framework to be written in C++" I am sure there is something to it, but is there really a need for a yet another Web Application Framework? And why would you really need to write one from scratch in C++? Seems strange.
I do find it curious that the "new platforms" post does not mention Web Services at all. Perhaps he pushes them together with "business applications" written primarily in java or perhaps since they failed to take off so far he just ignores them. The more I work with Web Services, the more potential I see for them.
I see them much like the browser in 1996 -- cute but not yet utilized to its full capacity. I think a look at google and amazon web services shows just how powerful a building block for next generation systems they can be.


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