Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I have been considering a long post about this -- BlogStreet : Popular Books
However, for the time being I decided to simply list the link and share a couple of long-winded paragraphs of thoughts.
In short, this is one of the more innovative uses for aggregating blogs and getting some useful info out of them. By itself, this is not that different from Amazon's "popular in " feature. Clearly, the community here is all of blogosphere that BlogStreet surveys, which is not necessarily a group distinctly represented as a purchase circle on Amazon. What does make it different, and I think in an important way, is that this is a kind of more general "self-assembling" type of information than any store or focus group could ever provide. People are not making decisions about joining a group and having their purchases tracked, they are not even necessarily buying books. They are simply writing about them.
At the moment blogstreet's parsing is fairly crude, but as blogs evolve, standards mature, we can look forward to more of these self-assembling information repositories. At least I am looking forward to them.
ps. I am aware that some trackback and wiki's work in much the same way. However, for those intentional pariticpation, if minimal, is still necessary.


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