Friday, June 27, 2003

from Sasha Volokh
What's reprehensible is not that someone thinks this, but that someone finds it funny enough, without more, to be an entire installment of a political comic strip.

I think Maureen Dowd thinks so. In fact she says so in her op-ed in NY Times on June 25th. She wrote,

He knew that he could not make a powerful legal argument against racial preferences, given the fact that he got into Yale Law School and got picked for the Supreme Court thanks to his race.

I cannot possibly imagine how Ms. Dowd could know the admissions details for Judge Thomas, but that is so blatantly racist, I am astounded. I honestly thought I was going to see Revs Jackson and Sharpton picketing the Times building, but I guess they were busy. I am just sorry she did not bundle Johnny Cochran into the article -- could have seen a nice defamation suit coming. It speaks volumes, to me, that not only Ms. Dowd wrote this racist drivel, but that her editors did not see it fit to kill the column. Whatever "new" management NYT has got -- it is not "new" and it is not managing.


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