Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Everyone is blabbing, er.. blogging about this -- HATCH COMMENTS ON COPYRIGHT ENFORCEMENT
I say, "Let 'em." Really. But only if they will completely, irretrievably and irrevokably, trash my computers. If they can do that I am all for it. Because before RIAA can blink I will sue them for the 4 great american novels I was in the middle of writing and 3 solo CDs I was working on, not to mention a replacement for 2 top-selling software productivity tools and a new super-cool computer game that will make Doom's success look like child's play. I presume a judge will rule that based ony my previous experience I am highly unlikely to have been successful in all these endevours, but at least a couple of the novels could have sold. Now, there are millions of people who will have their computers trashed, and RIAA members are not as deep-pocketed as tobacco companies... Figure a 20 billion dollar verdict on behalf of a 5 million consumers copyright holders should be warranted. There are a couple of people with million dollar contracts out of a few thousand who auditioned for American Idol, so there is a precedent. Let's not forget my copyrighted work that will get erased -- thousands of highly valuable fine art photographs. Even if we value them at time-spent-procuring value -- 30 minutes per photograph that's going to add up. I do not think we are even going to need any punitive damages here.
So as I said -- kill my computer Sen. Hatch. and I better not find a word from this, or any other blog on any of your office or home computers. Once I get a few houndred thousand that will be my share of the damages, I will happily pay $15 per CD RIAA can prove I had on my machines at the time. Good luck
ps. will the legislation also cover damages from people posing as RIAA and mistakenly hosing my computer? Because I will sue RIAA and Sen Hatch personally.
pps. Hmmm... I wonder if States could sue on behalf of their citizens. After all, they will have to carry the cost of firms having their IT infrastructure disrupted by all the vigilante coopyright holder attacks? Even if firms are at fault, the State loses tax revenue. I would love to see the State of California and the town of Beverly Hills suing MGM and Universal Music.


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