Thursday, May 29, 2003

Timothy Noah in Slate --NRA Weasel Watch, Day 7 - Does it favor the weapons ban in Iraq?
Bonus political science question: Can the NRA explain how Iraq became a dictatorship in the first place when its citizenry was armed to the teeth?

I remember chuckling over this one when he first posed it here. I have various articles decrying his point, mostly by arguing whether Iraqis only got these guns right before the war, or how they were distributed, etc. I am sure these are all important questions and interesting answers. To me, the clearest answer lies in the other amendments to the Constitution -- like right to free assembly, and right to free speech. Without these two -- one is hard pressed to even form a mob. In fact, American occupation of Baghad allowed one of these to pass (right of free assembly) and a mob was formed.


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