Sunday, May 25, 2003

I have seen this since the day Baghad fell in foreign-language sources on the internet and in print -- UPI: Report: Iraqi let Baghdad fall for payoff. Is this now a "more official" story?
I do not even know what my feelings are if this were proven true. Frankly, it seems somewhat farfetched to me, but then, if we saved a few thousand American, and thousands of Iraqi lives for a few airplane tickets and 'several hundred thousand dollars' -- should we really complain? It is the amount that makes the story suspect for me -- does not the guy know we have a game show called 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?" [and a Billionaire version is coming up]? This is like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies asking for One Million Dollars. Muahaha
Just wierd. I guess by the fact that not many mainstream neo-con supporting blogs have latched on to the story that it might be true, and noone wants to stick their neck out. Of course it could be that this is obviously a conspiracy theory and only I fail to realize its absurdity.


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