Saturday, May 31, 2003

Fun read but unclear point -- TCS (Taking Children Seriously) article: The Final Prejudice. through A Reasonable Man
I remember the episode and enjoyed watching it. But the parallels brought in the article are strange and conclusions are not inevitable. For one, the whole point of the example is that Pickard, et al. are *not* really 12 year-olds. Indeed, some precocious 12-year-olds go to their rooms not to pout but to contemplate their existence, and certainly plenty of people twice or five times their age do pout and sulk, but most 12-year-olds *do* pout. I can, and do, take my child's questions seriously, but the kind of answers she will be able to deal with when 12 are not the same as Keiko O'Brien who looked 12 for 40 minutes on TV. Is not it too much to expect her husband to be able to relate to someone who does not look like his wife immediately as if she were? Granted, he should know that she would be careful with a hot cofee, but I still warn *my* wife of such things regardless of whether she looks 17 or simply angelic on a given day.
In short, it is an amusing read and something to remember when giving condescending answers to children, but not really something eye-opening or earth-shattering -- unlike a cup of hot cofee plumetting to the floor.
ps. As to Dr. Crusher's bahaviour two words -- Wesley Crusher. Now that's a perfect reason for fearing more able-minded adults in children's bodies on the Enterprise :)


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