Wednesday, May 28, 2003

From M-Blog: think
Mr Meier is a legitimate contact man for extraterrestrials visting here from the Pleiades Star system. More than 40 witnesses have testified to the truth of his contacts, while an independent observer has photographed the star visitors ship. The Swiss Air Force has ackknowledged this aerial activity in the vicinity of the Meier farm. Independent witnesses in India have come forward to say they saw Mr Meier in India in the 1960s. Witnesses report Mr Meier was in the company of a extraterrestrial female by the name of Asket.

My own sources also tell me he has an impeccable eBay rating and is considered a power seller in the perpetum mobile category. I have to say, I did not know Swiss even had an airforce. I do know their air traffic controllers had issues a year or so ago, but I do not recall them blaming that on extra-terrestials. Of course, this blog is part of "a massive effort being expended by world power structures and members of the cabal" :)
Just found out -- his eBay feedback is hovering around 380, which happens to be the distance of the Pliades Stars system. It must all be true then -- Swiss do have an airforce.


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